You know how to pair tamales with wine

It is typical for tamales to be enjoyed with atole or coffee, but this time we are going to pair them with wine.


The atole is usually the ideal companion for Tamales of Candlemas day Well, these are best enjoyed accompanied with a good atole or coffee, but have you thought about the combination of tamales with wine? The mixture of these two elements sounds a bit strange, although if you do it the right way, the tamales-wine pairing It is not only a different option to eat tamales but also a delicious combination.

Oaxacan tamales, those with morita and suadero sauce, go better with a dry wine, with a refreshing acidity, warm alcohol and fine tannins, which, together with the smoothness of the suadero, give it a silky body on the palate. The aroma with notes of wild fruits, black pepper and vanilla help reduce the spicy sensation of the moreta sauce.

Those with jalapeño slices and gouda cheese are better with white wines, aged for 6 months in barrels, together with the unctuousness of the cheese, they make perfect harmony with the flavor. The freshness and fruitiness of the wines made with the Carignan grape, give a balance to the spiciness of the rajas.

The gourmet tamales, made with huauzontle, ramonetti cheese and red sauce, are a perfect match with the wines made with Pinot Noir, as the notes of nuts and mushrooms combine perfectly with the herbal notes of the huazontle.

The braised beef tail tamales, rattlesnake chili sauce and fried jamaica, being a dish with an intense flavor, go better with the wines made in San Luis Potosí, made with three grapes: cabernet sauvignon, merlot and tempranillo, which complete the dish with the maturity of its notes of stewed fruits and spices.

Dessert is never lacking in any meal, nor in tamales, which is why vanilla tamales and cheese ice cream go better with sparkling wines from Querétaro, in this case. A Burt mixed with the sweetness of vanilla and the caramel of pineapple generate an explosion of flavors in the mouth.

Finally, the sweet uchepo, made with strawberry compote and pot coffee ice cream, is ideal with the wines from this area of Guanajuato, since the sweetness and acidity of the compote combined with the spices of the pot coffee, make a perfect harmony. perfect with sweet wines from the Guanajuato region.

What wine would you like to try?

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