Reasons to get married in a vineyard

When the decision to get married is made it is because there is a future project for the couple. So it's a day that has to be perfect and the place to hold the ceremony plays an important role and it has to be really special.

Choosing the location of the celebration is a difficult decision since there are many options. But without a doubt, getting married in a vineyard can be a very successful option.

Today from Dos Buhos we are going to give you some reasons to get married in a vineyard

In special environment

It doesn't matter which vineyard you choose. Its beautiful landscapes will offer you a feeling, of peace, tranquility and freedom. Our lands are endowed with beautiful and dazzling landscapes that can be concentrated entirely in the vineyard you choose to hold your ceremony.

They are unforgettable settings, where the rustic style of the wooden barrels, the extension of the land and the vines are combined with the freshness of the decoration. The vineyards will offer the serenity and harmony that surrounds the essence of the wine.

An ideal place for everyone

The vineyards constitute a ideal place where everyone, young and old, can enjoy.


Different spaces

In addition to addinga combination of modern facilities and natural spaces, The vineyards have various facilities that will allow you and your guests to enjoy the outdoor and indoor spaces that will undoubtedly facilitate the organization of the event. And you will always have a plan B, if the rain comes.


Incredible photos

Of course Your wedding photos will not go unnoticed. Between the barrel room, the tasting room, added to the beautiful interior and exterior of the facilities, you will have plenty of locations for the best photos. Every corner of the vineyard will be an unforgettable memory.


The perfect menu

If you doubt the pairing of your menu will be excellent. Such a special occasion deserves the perfect wines; And what better place than to go directly to the vineyard to select the wine that will go with the menu. Most vineyards offer you an exemplary gastronomic service, which is based mainly on local and/or signature cuisine that will pair perfectly with their wines.


unforgettable memories

Selecting wedding souvenirs is always a delicate topic, since it must be special for the guests. A very appropriate detail could be a bottle of wine that you can personalize. The advantages are countless: spectacular photos, unforgettable natural settings, an incredible location regardless of the time of day or time of year,…

An ancient cultural site

If you have the privilege of being born in a province with a wine-growing tradition, you can enjoy these landscapes by choosing a vineyard as a place to share such an intimate moment with your loved ones.


Without a doubt, getting married in a vineyard is an excellent decision.



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