San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico


Our wines

Our wines are a reflection of the land and climate of San Miguel de Allende, they transmit the passion and know-how of our team, revealing unique aromas and flavors. As one of the few wineries in Guanajuato producing wine from 100% grapes from our own vineyards, we have the highest level of control over the grape growing and winemaking processes, allowing us to optimize the quality of our wine from berry to bottle.


Taking advantage of the benefits of a privileged terroir

“Some say that the San Miguel de Allende region has one of the most suitable soils for growing grapes in the entire country. This winery is the proof. Taking advantage of the benefits of its privileged terroir, they have produced organic 100% wines. Its orange is created following the ancient method: hiding it underground in stone or clay amphoras where it ages up to three years. A wine to discover and enjoy. "


Alejandra Naranjo, Food & Wine Spanish

Our best grapes are hand picked and harvested to produce wines with the best flavor, concentration and depth possible. In the winery we use traditional winemaking techniques that focus on texture, structure and complexity, while allowing the fruit to shine with minimal intervention.

We look for quality wines of marked varietal typicity, which reflect the character of the winery and enhance the concept of terroir, so from the beginning, we decided to make use of knowledge to work the vineyards organically and specialize in the production of natural wines.

Featured wine

Dos Búhos Winery: Moscato Giallo Orange Wine

We harvest our Moscato Giallo grapes by hand in the early hours of the morning. After crushing and destemming the grapes, we leave the must on their skins for a prolonged maceration. The result of our long contact time with the skin, which lasts up to six months, together with a long aging in neutral oak barrels, produces an extremely dry and complex tannic wine, with a deep flavor and stoic character.

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