Our passions


Art and architecture

We are passionate about the countryside, wine and life. But in addition to these passions that help create each bottle, at Dos Búhos we also celebrate Art and Architecture. Dos Búhos winery offers a goodness of art and diverse architecture as part of the winemaking experience. In the chapel, in the tasting cellar and in the gardens there are copies of works by local artists, including Alejandro Rivera Leal, Peter Levanthal, Margaret Dawitt, Atanacio Maldonado and Kelly Vandiver. There is also a very interesting art installation to discover that has a great history behind it and links us in a unique way to the first trains in Mexico, an aspect that today becomes very symbolic for us as well.



Our Community

At Dos Búhos we believe that we are more if we work together to help each other. That is why from the beginning we value and strive to strengthen the local community where we are from. We promote and support local charities such as Feed The Hungry and Jóvenes Adelante that play an important role in supporting the local community with child nutrition programs, scholarships and training respectively. We are proud to be able to support Ópera Guanajuato, an association that discovers and supports young musicians by giving them classes and opportunities to perform various opera works in the State.



This world is not only ours, it belongs to all living beings and above all, it also belongs to future generations. At Dos Búhos we believe in sustainability to create wines and a healthier world. We manage our lands organically, without pesticides. We experiment with sustainable construction methods such as adobe and bale buildings. We partner with the Audubon Society for the rehabilitation of owls that have been found injured or abandoned in the area.

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