How to organize a wedding step by step: 12 months to achieve it

The countdown finally begins! There is less and less to come to one of the happiest days: your wedding! Surely shortly after they have given you the engagement rings they will begin to think about how to organize a wedding when the weather's over All preparations must be started as soon as possible, you must be aware that you will experience nerves and stress, and of course, a lot of emotion! At Zankyou we want to be the best company throughout all this time, so here we tell you how to organize a wedding step by step in 12 months.

A ceremony in style, an intimate, religious wedding, by the civilian, destination wedding, a wedding can be in a thousand different ways, but it is only the decision of the two of you What kind of wedding do you want to have? To the start organizing a wedding, surely the most important decision they have to make is, if they want to have only one Civil marriage or also a church wedding. If they decide that they will marry in the church, and do not know how to organize a religious wedding, they must contact the archdiocese of the place where they decide to marry as soon as possible to fix the date. Churches are usually reserved for a year in advance, so you should be very careful and reserve as soon as possible, if you want to choose the church, the day and the time in which you will marry.

In the event that they decide to have a civil ceremony, they should go to the local civil registry to find out about the requirements for organize a civil wedding. 

Decide the date together

When you think about how to organize a wedding, the moment of setting the wedding date immediately comes to mind. Do you already know what the day, the month and the hour will be? So now you start planning the best day of your life ... Organize your wedding for FREE! with our Zankyou APP.

When they start looking how to plan a wedding, your partner and you will also have to start to get an idea of the number of guests they will have. They do not have to make the definitive list, but they do have to have at least a notion of how many people are going to accompany them, since the place they choose for their big day will depend on this.

Select the wedding style

One of the steps to organize a perfect wedding, is definitely choosing the perfect style. An elegant wedding in a city hotel, a simple ceremony in front of the sea, a boho chic link with country touches? As for wedding styles, there are a thousand possibilities and since it is the most important day of their lives, they can design a wedding totally to their liking and possibilities. The how to organize a wedding perfect, goes hand in hand with reflect to the 100% the essence of the bride and groom in every detail.

Surely this step will be one of the most fun and interesting, since We all dream of planning the wedding of our dreams one day.

You must decide being aware that all the services, elements and details will go hand in hand with the wedding style that they decide to have.

Our advice is that think of a style that defines you both, or that has something of each of you, you must think that it is a party to celebrate your love, the two will be the protagonists, and it would not be nice if they made a wedding that only reflects the tastes of one of you since it would seem like a birthday and not a wedding.

If it is very difficult for you to choose a theme or style that appeals to both of you, it is best to choose to have a link that is as neutral as possible, there are countless themes or neutral decoration styles, perfect for those couples who find it difficult to decide.

Set the budget

Surely before thinking about how to organize a wedding, most couples think, how much are we going to spend. This is totally normal, so before all the preparation begins it is important that they learn how to budget your wedding, so that everything revolves, in a certain way, around this amount that they are willing to invest in their wedding.

Choose the place of your dreams

If we think of what does it take to plan a perfect weddingThe first thing that comes to mind is the place of the wedding, since this almost completely determines the style, the essence and the atmosphere of the big day. At this point we talk about the place, as the set of atmospheres where the wedding will take place, from the site of the civil ceremony to the garden or the room that you have always dreamed of. Remember that it is very important to set the date a long time before, preferably 1 year, and more if that place where you want to celebrate your marriage is fashionable or highly valued.

Time to design the web and open the gift list

We know that when we are in the process of organizing a wedding, saving time and money becomes a top priority. Today there are technological options to solve each of your problems and help you plan the wedding of your dreams. The best without a doubt (and not because we only say so) isZankyou's wedding website, which allows guests to RSVP, an essential step in making your final guest list and contemplating how big your wedding will really be.

Are you and your boy one of those who dream of going on a trip instead of receiving blenders or refris as a wedding gift? Well, Zankyou also has the perfect solution for you: a fully customizable gift table, in which you can put the articles or gifts you want and at the end receive the full money of everything that your guests have given you.

9 months before the big day

  • Find providers: Decoration, flowers, photographer, videographer, dj or music group
  • Make a preliminary guest list
  • Start imagining the wedding dress

Decoration and flowers

Planning a wedding perfect, it also happens to have the ideal decoration. Many couples are not aware of how important decoration is for the big day. Thanks to the details, you can recreate a magical atmosphere in a place that at first seemed simple and without grace. In addition, the couple can choose a theme that represents them and organize a spectacular wedding around that theme. Normally the spaces that are most suitable for decorating are:

  • Ceremony
  • Cocktail
  • Reception
  • Table decoration
  • Banquet place
  • Dance floor

And this is where the magic happens, each one of these spaces, decorated in a different way, that is in congruence with the central theme, will help to create a special atmosphere, which will envelop your guests and make them remember forever the sensations that that environment provoked them.

Photography and video

Within the list to plan a wedding, photography is one of the elements in which it is most worth investing. The photographer and videographer will be in charge of capturing the best moments of your big day so that you can remember them even years later. Each professional has their own style and the difficult thing here is to find one that fits what you want and, above all, that is available. That is why they must start the search with enough time, to be able to choose the best one.

The music

The soundtrack of the wedding will make your skin turn all over your life, every time you listen to one of the songs that marked that moment. That is why it must be chosen with great care. It is not advisable to choose only hits of the moment, since in a few months they will go out of style or you will hear them so much that they will bore you. For your first dance as husband and wifeChoose a timeless song that represents you as a couple. Then it will be time to choose the music that will frame the most important moments of the bond.

  • Ceremony
  • Banquet
  • Dance


The hardest part: the guest list

We warn you, making the definitive guest list can be one of the most difficult things to do when thinking about how to organize your wedding. It must be faced with calm, patience and a lot of courage. You are going to hear your parents tell you that you should invite your distant aunt whom you have not seen since you were 4 years old, or your friends tell you that they need a partner to dance and that they want to invite the boy they met yesterday, but the only ones who have the final word are you and your partner. At the end of the day, you are the ones who are going to pay for everything and the ones who will enjoy being surrounded by your closest family without having to fulfill commitments with people you don't even know. Once they have decided with whom they will share this new stage, it will be time to choose where they will make the invitations; here they can get creative and choose to look for a super original design with something that identifies them as a couple.

Grisell Neuman, Event & Wedding Planner, gives us his best advice to achieve this step without complications:

“I think that one of the things that the bride and groom suffer the most when they wonder how to organize the wedding is the guest list. We would all like to invite many of the people with whom we get along or who have been part of our lives, but the budget for every wedding is limited and if not, space is.

Begin to make an A list (of who you want to attend yes or yes) and a B (who you would invite in case someone cancels you). Although this list will obviously move over time, it is worth doing it well in advance. You can always cross out and add names to the list! "

6 months to the wedding

  • Start organizing the civil wedding
  • Find and choose the wedding dress
  • Find the groom's suit
  • Start planning the honeymoon
  • Find the wedding invitations

Start the marriage file

Regardless of whether you decide to organize a civil wedding or also to marry in the church, for your marriage to be valid, must be registered in the Civil Registry. And it is up to the judge to extend the marriage certificate, which will later be the official document that will show that they are married before the law. The process of how to organize a wedding Civil involves preparations and a file that must be submitted before the date of the ceremony.

For a Catholic religious marriage, the bride and groom must also register in the place where the wedding will take place. As well as performing the pre marital courses well in advance.

Choosing the bride's dress and the groom's suit

Finally! One of the most exciting and stressful stages of organizing a wedding begins, the wedding dress search And the groom's suit. These tricks will help you find the dress of your dreams:

  • Let yourself be carried away by your heart
  • Be yourself that you do not feel disguised
  • Do not take too many companions to the dress test (your best friend and your mother are enough)
  • Choose the cut and color that best suit your wedding style
  • Say goodbye to nerves
  • Choose comfort and quality
  • Try it on, walk and move
  • Enjoy the whole process to the fullest

Honeymoon planning begins

Surely this is one of the most incredible experiences of your life together, the honeymoon will mark the beginning of your life as husband and wife and what better way than to start it in an impressive place with the person you love the most in life. That is why it is very important to choose well the destination and the type of trip that both of you want.

Certain aspects must be taken into account, such as: the wedding season, travel experience (if it is your first trip to a distant place, better to start with a modern and touristic city), the budget for the trip, the days that the trip will last.


It is becoming easier to capture the personality of the bride and groom in elements such as invitations or thank you cards. Personalization has become quite common and easy to achieve. They should start looking for them at least 6 months in advance, since they are delivered to the guests about 3 months before the big day. Of course, be sure to include all the information about yourself, the ceremony and the venue. The basic data are:

  • The name and surname of the bride and groom
  • If applicable, the name of the bride and groom's parents
  • Date, place and time of the ceremony
  • Banquet place
  • Telephone contact
  • Confirmation request

5-4 months before the wedding

  • Hire transportation for your guests
  • Start looking for the bride and groom's car


When the organization of the wedding takes more than half of the process, it is necessary to plan the transport for the guests if a destination wedding is to be held. Since outside their hometown, not all guests will have a way to get to the ceremony and banquet venues. It is becoming easier and more frequent to rent buses to transfer all the guests from one place to another without complications.

On the other hand, you should start planning the transport in which the couple will arrive at the ceremony separately and in which they will later move from the ceremony to the place of the banquet.

3-2 months to the big day

  • Buy wedding rings
  • Choosing the groomsmen
  • Choosing the bridal bouquet

Purchase of alliances and earnest money

The "yes, I do" and the process of organizing the wedding is sealed with the exchange of wedding rings. The choice of this jewel should be carefully considered and be consistent with the style of both. Although we must say that lately it is more common for each of the bride and groom to choose a type of ring, more in line with their personality. The type of work that each one has, the style of dressing and personal tastes in terms of jewelery are some of the points to take into account when choosing this jewel. Really, do not worry about having to wear the same type of ring and not being able to agree, it is better for each of you to choose what you like the most, since it is an accessory with a lot of meaning and which you will wear throughout their life together. Normally these alliances are given (and often given) by the groomsmen, who should bring these items to the ceremony and give them to the bride and groom so that they can exchange them and say, "yes, I accept."

Choice of bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet is undoubtedly one of the accessories that will stand out the most in your bridal look. The styles and possibilities are endless, so you should not be overwhelmed or choose to choose. Make the decision based on the dress you will wear, the type of hairstyle, the place of the wedding and the rest of the accessories.

The season in which the link will take place is very important, since it will determine the type of flowers that will go in your bouquet, so when you start thinking about how to organize the wedding, also think about the time of year ideal for you.

2-1 month, last details

  • Finding the bride's makeup
  • Start with beauty treatments
  • Finding the perfect wedding hairstyle
  • Perform the Bachelorette party

Look beauty and pre wedding treatments

The main protagonist of your wedding will be you and of course you want to be perfect. Your great joy reflected in your smile will do practically everything for you, but a few months before you should start with some pre-wedding beauty treatments, both facial and body, to feel good inside and out.

When the big date is approaching, and when you are clear how to choose wedding hairstyle, you will need to make an appointment with your makeup artist to take the test of the look beauty. Both hairstyle and makeup are a very important part of your look And you should not neglect their planning and tests prior to the big day.

Also read: Pre-wedding beauty care and treatments

3-2 days before walking down the aisle

  • Packing the honeymoon suitcases
  • Prepare the bride's emergency kit
  • Have the wedding dress ready
  • Getting the bride's accessories ready
  • Write a few words for the boyfriend

Finalize details so that everything is perfect

  • Prepare your honeymoon suitcases with your future husband. Less is left!
  • The time has come for the bride and groom to collect their respective suits and accessories.
  • You will be perfect with the manicure and pedicure of the tone that you like the most!
  • Pre-wedding dinner: it is becoming a tradition to organize an intimate dinner the night before the wedding. It is also the ideal time to make presentations between both families if they do not know each other.

Wedding day

Today is your day!

Sleep well the night before, forget your nerves, wake up early, enjoy a few moments with your family. Start preparing. Talk to your boyfriend on the phone and tell him what you feel, breathe fresh air, drink an energizing juice, have enough breakfast, laugh at the little setbacks. The process and stress of organizing a wedding are over. Now we just have to enjoy.

Everything you've been planning and hoping for will happen in a few hours. You must be aware that not everything will be perfect, there are things that cannot be controlled, but in general it will be an unforgettable day. The unforeseen can also be beautiful, it all depends on your attitude towards the unforeseen. If they did not exist, there would be no anecdotes to tell.

Your family and friends, the people most important to you, will be waiting for the moment. Especially to see them realize their dream and dance their first dance as spouses with the perfect song, in front of all the guests. The organization is finally over, now is the time to fully enjoy your celebration of love. Remember that this day will fly by and the only thing that will remain of it will be the unforgettable moments that will be kept in the depths of your memory. So it's time to get dressed. Put on the dress of your dreams and smile, it's time to walk down the aisle! the love of your life is waiting for you.

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