How to decorate your outdoor wedding: 6 tips to have the best celebration!

It is very special to get married outdoors. We will give you the best advice for a wedding of this style. There are many options and the result will always be a very romantic event.

More and more couples prefer to get married outdoors. It is really beautiful to decorate a garden, a beach, a farm, among others.. This style has recreated incomparable ideas, details that represent romanticism and, above all, that reflect the style of a new life that is beginning. What are the keys to decorating your outdoor wedding? Here we will tell you!

1. Ask for the best advice

Outdoor weddings are generally held in the afternoon, when the sun sets a little, so look for inspiration with thesemagical ideas to decorate your weddingThe most important thing is to look for professionals in the field in advance, wedding planners and decorators certified, with extensive experience and of course with good taste to interpret your ideas and adapt them within the aesthetics and conditions of the place.

Ask for references from those who have been your clients, Look for spaces where it has been evaluated and confirm that these evaluations are true. There is no better reference than those given to you by your own clients without commitments. Stephanie Escalante

2. Find the right place

There are many options to have your wedding outdoors, and our country has an advantage that not many places in the world have. Gardens, open fields, beaches, places around mountains and rivers are just a few examples. En Cartagena you will find the best places to get married, in Bogotá the haciendas more romantic and in Medellín the country places dreamlike.

3. Have a plan B

You may be a little afraid of the possibility of sudden rain. To do this, it will be necessary to have a strategic plan that does not take away the hope of making your wedding as natural as possible. Nowadays there are decorated tents that will give you peace of mind and they can also provide that magical touch that you are surely looking for. Don't miss the 5 tips to beat the weather if you get married outdoors.

The weather is unpredictable, no matter how much Apps or other devices anticipate and tell us what the weather will be. So it doesn't hurt to take into account professional advice like the following.

Always check the weather and anticipate rain. Even if we love open spaces, we must hire a tent; This way everyone will be safe from the rain. Juana Balen from Creativevents.co

4. Includes decoration with flowers and leaves

Flowers and leaves are key to wedding decoration every day. They generate that sensation of freshness, naturalness and indescribable beauty, Many times they are even part of the same scene of the celebration.Sometimes it can be frustrating not to find those details that you especially want for your marriage. Get more ideas to decorate your rustic style wedding.

5. Choose appropriate chairs and tables

It is very important to keep in mind that the chairs and tables used at the wedding must be practical, in warm colors and of course in accordance with the style of your wedding. The idea is that there are no complications, because your outdoor wedding is fresh and natural. Nowadays you find a lot of professionals in charge of organizing weddings on the market.

6. Choose the indicated colors

Outdoor weddings go very well with colors such as white, beige, salmon, yellow and green leaves. Many decorators also choose to include details such as light bulb strips giving a magical and cozy touch. This type of wedding It will reflect above all the personality of the couple and the freedom of love. Don't miss these tips for choosing your wedding colors.

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