Outdoor wedding. How to beat the weather in 5 steps

Here you will find 5 tips to take the lead and allow that day to be a wonderful moment without unforeseen events. Enjoy them!


If you have always dreamed of a wedding in a beautiful garden or on an incredible beach, you have probably always had the fear that the weather would become your worst enemy. That is why in this post we will propose 5 tips to help you organize your outdoor wedding and win the battle against the weather. If you are still not sure about having an outside wedding, we invite you to Know the advantages of celebrating your wedding in an open place.

Surely you have already heard everywhere that you should have a plan B, and that tents are the best tool, but the truth is that renting them can be quite expensive and not everyone likes the idea of ​​having a sky wedding. open and then put up a tent. Even so, tents only protect from rain and sun but there are many other aspects that can prevent you and your guests from enjoying the wedding to the fullest, such as mosquitoes, stifling heat or gusts of wind. Therefore, the tips that we are going to give you are small details that can make the difference between enjoying your wedding to the fullest or having a bad time. Take note!

1. Avoid undesirables

No, we're not talking about sneaks or people who arrive without an invitation, we're talking about the hated mosquitoes! Nothing worse than being at a wedding and having mosquitoes, ants or other types of insects invading the tables, so once you decide with your partner on the wedding location, Remember to make sure the site is fumigated. Additionally, on the day of your event you can install anti-mosquito or anti-bug devices, so that your guests are more comfortable. If your wedding will be in a garden, you can install torches around the tables, this way you can decorate and scare away mosquitoes at the same time.

You can also use natural repellents as part of your decoration: citronella candles, rosemary, basil plants, or if possible mosquito lamps.

If you are a DIY fan, you can make them yourself. bottles of natural repellents using oil, lemon, rosemary and floating candles; citronella torches or if you are more creative, your own citronella candles.

2. Wedding cake for summer

If your wedding is on the beach, you will have to consider the high temperatures and humidity. Most cakes are covered in chantilly cream or fondant and it is normal for these to melt due to the heat. or end up falling apart due to humidity. So be proactive and consider having other types of desserts such as ice cream, ice pops or mini cakes that can be kept refrigerated until ready to serve. This way you will also avoid any type of food safety risks.

3. Be careful with the decoration

At beach weddings there is also usually a lot of wind, so if you have thought about decoration that hangs from somewhere or a lighting with hanging spotlights, you should reconsider. It is better that you think about decoration that is safe, that is not going to fly away in a gust or that you do not have to rearrange every 10 minutes. It is clear that the ideal would be to be able to choose the wedding day according to the temperature, but knowing the somewhat unpredictable weather, It is always better to be prepared.

Another important aspect of the decoration is the flowers. It is necessary to think very carefully about the wedding location when choosing the type of flowers that will decorate our celebration. If, for example, you get married at a beach location, the flowers you choose will be completely different from those at a location in the forest.

Claudia González, from Pink Workshop Floral Setting, advises us on this point:

“When it comes to a beach wedding, the bride and groom, together with their florist, must choose the floral decoration according to the color palette and style they have selected for the big day. In addition, they should not forget to choose flowers that are more resistant to heat; Flowers like tulips of course do not fall into that list and I would not suggest hydrangeas either. Fortunately we have many other options that are suitable for this case, such as orchids (cymbidium), calla lilies, roses or mini roses, carnations, of course the birds of paradise or the proteas, which are very trendy now, or you can also use foliage with large leaves, which just give it that tropical touch that you are looking for at a beach wedding. In this way we can ensure that the decoration with flowers at your wedding lasts longer and looks more beautiful.”

4. Accessories for your guests

Brides are always more or less prepared to face the weather on their wedding day, but many of them forget to make their guests completely comfortable. A good tool to achieve this are souvenirs for guests. During the ceremony you can offer fans for the stifling heat or small umbrellas to cover themselves from the sun, you can also give sunglasses or hats for the men, sure that everyone will look gorgeous and stylish while enjoying your wedding without worrying about the sun or heat.

If, on the other hand, you are going to get married in a forest or in the countryside, you have to keep in mind that the temperature usually drops at night, so maybe it is a good idea to give blankets embroidered with the initials of the couple.

5. Also think about your comfort

At outdoor weddings it is very important that you think about all the possible scenarios and solutions to always be comfortable. This means that if you are going to get married in a ceremony in the sand, think about shoes that are not high heels, so that you don't dig yourself when you walk, and that you have on hand a fan designed especially for your bridal look in case You have to cool off a little, also try to have your makeup on hand, since in the heat the makeup lasts much less than normal, so you will have to touch it up approximately every two hours. If, on the other hand, you are getting married in the countryside, think about having something to cover yourself with on hand, they are very fashionable. jackets for brides, they are very pretty and at the same time they will protect you from the cold.

With these details you can plan your outdoor wedding knowing that It will be a memorable and smooth day. 

*Read the full article  here
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