8 vineyards to try the best wines in Mexico

If you are wondering which are the best wines in Mexico, or miss these coordinates to the north and center of the country, where the Harvest is the pretext to enjoy the good life: wines, dishes and sensational landscapes.

Bodegas Dos Búhos, Guanajuato

In an area where mezcals and tequilas abound, finding this three-hectare vineyard is like seeing an oasis in the desert. Located on a gentle slope and exposed to the south, the vines of the Dos Búhos Winery They are grown with sustainable methods. In its wine cellar, which looks more like an art gallery—with paintings and pieces of an old train adorning the walls—organic viticulture workshops and oenology courses are held.
Their tours include a tasting and a picnic with Quiché Lorraine, Baguette and cheeses, organic salad, Gourmet Chocolate chip cookie, which is accompanied with sangria or fruit water.


Adobe Guadalupe, Baja California

Adobe Guadalupe fulfills the fantasies of anyone who loves bon vivant: delicious wines, a dreamlike landscape, and a boutique hotel they won't want to leave. This vineyard was founded by True and Donald Miller, who continued the dream of their son, a great admirer of Mexico, who died in a car accident.

In addition to all the wonders that we already mentioned, it should be noted that on this farm they adopted the equestrian tradition of the Domecq family. Thus, Adobe Guadalupe is one of the largest companies that breed Aztec horses, which are a cross between the Andalusian stallion and the American quarter horse.

Mount Xanic. Baja California

This winery started the so-called Mexican wine revolution and is a national leader in the premium segment. Lately, its white wines have achieved as much recognition as its reds, with the emblematic strain of this house being Cabernet Sauvignon.
With thirty years of constant work, Monte wine in its facilities, with spectacular views of the vineyard and the Valle de Guadalupe.

LA Cetto Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California
Almost 90% of the national wine is produced in Baja California and this winery with Italian roots is one of the largest exporters, reaching 27 countries.
The Cetto family is originally from Trentino and arrived in Mexico in 1924, but it was not until 1934 that the first of them was born in our country: Luis Agustín Cetto. Today this brand has won more than 260 awards for its varietal wines, among which Nebbiolo stands out, produced with the strain of the same name and which is originally from the Italian region of Piemonte. A capricious grape that can only be found in a few parts of the planet, Valle de Guadalupe among them.

Casa Madero, Parras Coahuila

Located in the middle of the desert, in the Parras Valley, we find what was the first winery in America: Casa Madero, founded in 1597. However, in 1699, the King of Spain Carlos II “El Hechizado” prohibited the production of the wine. It came in the colonies of America, which could not be restarted until independence. Many factors prevented the full flowering of wine culture in the country, but the persistence of this winery has made it the most emblematic outside and inside the country with multi-award winning wines within reach of all budgets.

Bodegas Ferriño, Cuatro Ciénegas.
In Coahuila we also find wineries like Ferriño, founded in 1860 by the Italian migrant Miguel Ferriño. The famous Sangre de Cristo and other varieties of sweet wines are produced here. Today they produce more than 12 different ones, one of them dry with Merlot grapes.
In this wine-growing area is also the Cuatro Ciénegas valley, a unique natural reserve on the planet for its flora and fauna. In addition to beautiful swamps, springs, pools and underground rivers, each one with different temperatures, depths and colors that range from green to blue and that break the imposing whiteness of the gypsum dunes.

Hacienda de Letras Vineyard
Founded in 1978, this vineyard has the particularity of being a mountain vineyard in tropical latitudes, which with its 2000 meters above sea level, has an ideal climate that allows it to grow nine varieties of wine: Chardonnay, Tempranillo-Merlot, Pinot Noir, Muscat, Macabeo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Sirah.
What conquers tourists the most are: beautiful chapel, wine and cheese boutique and beautiful gardens. It is also located just 17 kilometers from the city of Aguacalientes and very close to the mineral water springs, as well as the silver route.

Cradle of Earth, Guanajuato
This boutique winery produces six varieties of red and one white. All with artisanal processes, such as cleaning the clusters by hand, it is also customary to use cold maceration pre-fermentation to ensure that the grapes release even the most subtle of their aromas, and once the wine is turned, they are left to rest in French and Hungarian oak barrels. and American.
Among the alternative activities that can be done are cooking classes where you can harvest your own vegetables, learn how to cook them and later how to pair them.


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