7 good ideas to organize your wedding outdoors

Yes, we know that an outdoor wedding is the first image that comes to mind when you think of your wedding (yes, after imagining your wedding dress). But it is important that you take into account some details: your wedding hairstyle It has to be practical so that it resists the wind and you are wonderful at all times, your Bride shoes They must be comfortable... Even though you will have everything under control These types of weddings require a little preparation. We remind you.

1. Your perfect look is…

Yes, yes, it is the dress of your dreams and you can't stop thinking about that wonderful tulle that you have chosen with so much care. But, have you considered if it is the best option for an outdoor wedding? Of course you can go as you want, but your look also has to be the most practical. Opt for a simple wedding dress that is not too bulky and with which you can walk around the garden or the beach comfortably. If you complete the look with a original bridal bouquet, you'll be 10. Something similar happens with your hairstyle: don't let the wind play tricks on you.

2. The longest lasting makeup

don't forget that your makeup must be prepared to withstand hours and hours outdoors: talk to your makeup artist and let him know that your wedding will be outside. A good base, a protective anti-UVA lipstick and a mask waterproof They are a must for your makeup to last all day perfect.


3. i love a plan b

Foresighted woman… worth two. An outdoor wedding is beautiful, but it also has its risks. The rain or the wind can cloud the happiest day of your life: you have to think of a plan b. A good idea is a mobile tent or think of an alternative safer location so that you are not caught by surprise.

4. It is my dream place but…

Think about your guests. Sometimes that dream place is not going to be comfortable to get there because it is difficult to access. Before deciding, come personally and study the location. Also assess everything you will need to celebrate the ceremony (chairs, tents...) and, above all, ask the town hall to which the beach belongs. There are strict rules.

If you have chosen a remote place, such as a remote and hidden beach, make sure all attendees know how to get there. Pass them the location beforehand or give them simple directions, especially if you think that at some point the path may confuse them. An idea? Install small signs indicating where they have to go. Do you remember your guests? One of the most appreciated wedding details in these cases are heel covers: get pieces of various sizes, so you will be sure to get it right and more than one will thank you.

5. An original outdoor menu

Bet on cold menus (creams, canapés, cocktails...). Organize everything in anticipation of the weather and ensuring that the guests do not lack anything. Offer them cool drinks and fans if it's going to be hot, sunglasses if it's going to be very sunny. In the same way, think about how the temperature can affect the banquet. For example, you don't want a chocolate dessert to be melting from the heat before guests can take it.

6. Don't forget the "acoustics"

Caring about this issue is very important. and it depends in part on the success or not of the wedding. During the ceremony and after party it is important to consider the acoustics. It would be a pity if the speeches were not well heard, or if the music was too loud.

7. More photos please!

The photo call outdoor wedding are perfect. With your photos, with messages... If you don't have many ideas, get inspired by photo booth ideas: crazy hats, funny emojis to share... And by the way you can also take a look at  candy bar ideas to set up a sweet table next to the photo call. Sure to be a hit!

Are you convinced? Surely you fall in love with the idea of getting married outdoors, come and discover the beauty of the vineyard to fall in love.

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